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Andrew Robert Burgess


I’m Andrew Robert Burgess, a UX Design leader based in Battle, East Sussex with over 20 years experience creating and developing websites, interfaces, systems and promotions.

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More about me


Strategic Design Management

Hiring and establishing robust design teams across products and locales; measuring ability and mentoring designers for further skill maturation; critically assessing design work and establishing career development.

User Research and testing

Research interview planning and user recruitment; defining user journeys, red routes, and key performance indicators; system assessment and evolution; rapid prototyping and testing. Learn more >

User Experience and Interaction Design

Low to high fidelity iterative design (including sketching, mockups, interactive screens and HTML prototypes); site-wide information architecture and page layout; atomic design and style guides, and accessibility standards. See more >

Service Design

End-to-end service analysis and design; defining key touchpoints, outlining problem areas and opportunities for improvement.

Visual and graphic design

Print layout and colour processes; typography; motion graphics, video and animation techniques.

Front-end Development

HTML, CSS (LESS and SASS) and Javascript coding methods; W3C standards; SEO techniques; able to create HTML prototypes and appreciate development requirements.


Onyx Capital Group

As Head of UX Design for an oil derivatives trading company, it has been my responsibility to generate an understanding of user needs from traders, brokers and other user types, and share that understanding across the firm, helping to guide strategic decisions from the executive level down with provable evidence of need to guarantee successful outcomes in revising complex trading, data and information platforms.

Scott Logic

Working as a Senior UX Design consultant for a range of different FinTech clients, I help production teams build guaranteed successful solutions that address the requirements of their users, and leverage opportunities to outstrip their competition. I have also been working to help mature the UX discipline within Scott Logic, illustrating better UX practices with fellow designers, advocating the benefits of a wider knowledge of UX practices with non-design colleagues with blog posts and presentations.

SableIndustries Ltd

I previously ran my own design solutions company, contracting myself out as a UX Design consultant to companies such as Somo, Clyde & Co, Open Business Associates, PGA Design and Carter Camerons.

Springer Nature

Starting as a Front-end Developer for Springer Healthcare, I went on to become a Senior UX Designer for a number of significant projects, working with teams across the UK, Germany, India and the US, until I ended up as Lead UX Designer managing a team of six designers in Pune, India.

Barclays Wealth Management

Creating the new Barclays One portal for higher-earning clients.

Gerald Eve

Starting as a Graphic Designer, I quickly added my knowledge of web design and animation to create sites and presentations, using 3D animations to help sell large scale commercial properties, such as city bank offices, The Queens Club and parts of 30 St Mary Axe.

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