Andrew Robert Burgess – User Experience Designer

Andrew Robert Burgess


I’m Andrew Robert Burgess, a User Experience Design Lead, based in London, UK, with over 19 years experience creating and developing websites, interfaces and promotions.

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User Experience and Interaction Design

Devising iterative sketch designs of how the user will interact with a product, based upon research and testing.

Service Design

Designing the user experience in a service, reaching beyond the remit of just a physical or online experience.

User Research and testing

Methods to examine user requirements for a given situation, and to regularly test work progress to ensure that it addresses those needs.

Information Architecture

Examining and devising how information is organised through a site.

Visual and graphic design

Devising how information is laid out and displayed in print or online media.

Front-end Development

Coding in HTML, CSS (LESS and SASS) and Javascript, giving me an appreciation of how designs will be coded into web pages.


SableIndustries Ltd

I currently run my own design solutions company, contracting myself out to companies such as Somo, Clyde & Co, Open Business Associates, PGA Design and Carter Camerons. If you need some design help, why not get in touch?

Springer Nature

Starting as a Front-end Developer for Springer Healthcare, I went on to become a Senior UX Designer for a number of significant projects, working with teams across the UK, Germany, India and the US, until I ended up as Lead UX Designer managing a team of six designers in Pune, India.

Barclays Wealth Management

Creating the new Barclays One portal for higher-earning clients.

Gerald Eve

Starting as a Graphic Designer, I quickly added my knowledge of web design and animation to create sites and presentations, using 3D animations to help sell large scale commercial properties, such as city bank offices, The Queens Club and parts of 30 St Mary Axe.

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